Elevating Worship Through Sung Prayer

Welcome to the world of "sung" prayer! We are so glad you visited.

Being part of the Ministry of Music at St. Patrick is a commitment to musical leadership. Participation in liturgy by being a member of the organized choir, a voice in the children's and youth chorus or as a cantor requires a pleasant singing voice, dedication to practice and determination to participate when scheduled for Mass or a special celebration.

The Choir leads the music at one of the weekend Masses and for other special celebrations during the year. The Choir practices on the Sunday mornings prior to the scheduled Mass for which they are scheduled. 

Whatever music is needed, there is a choir, a chorus or a single voice to lead us to Christ through sung prayer.


Easter Vigil is a Special Celebration Enhanced by Choir Participation

OCP - Our Music Resource

Sarah Hart - The Mass of Mary Magdalene

We will be introducing a new setting for service music as we enter the Lenten and Easter season. You may listen to these beautiful settings written by Sarah Hart by clicking the videos below.

Glory to God - Mass of St. Mary Magdelene

Holy Holy

Lamb of God