Called to Serve on the Altar of God

If you have a deep love for Jesus Christ and want to add a new dimension to your relationship with Him, why not consider becoming an altar server?

Your service and dedication are important to our parish.  Through your actions and conduct, your role is to bring the assembly to a fuller understanding of the liturgy and a greater love for God.  Not only is your presence on the altar highly visible, but you also play an important role because you assist the priest in many ways.  As we are in the presence of Jesus, it is important that you are willing to perform all assigned duties with attention, dignity, and reverence. As a server, you will join, in a unique way, in the worship of the Church throughout the world. As a server, you will help Father Anthony Weis as he offers the one, eternal sacrifice of Jesus, our great High Priest.

Although the duties of the altar server are many and varied, the most important responsibility of the altar server during Mass is to show reverence and pray!  Before one may serve at the altar, he or she :

  • Must have received First Holy Communion
  • Have a strong desire to serve the Lord
  • Must be committed to their fellow servers
  • Attend practices and meetings that are scheduled

If you are in the 3rd grade (and up) please contact Father about becoming an altar server. The Church needs you!

Serve on the Altar of God