St. Patrick Finance Council

The mission of the St. Patrick Finance Council is to make recommendations to and advise the pastor on matters of parish finance.

The Council does the following:

  • reviews a regular accounting of the parish income and disbursements
  • prepares an annual parish budget
  • gives an annual report to the parishioners on the financial state of affairs of the parish
  • reviews and accepts or denies bids for major projects
  • promotes fiscal responsibility within the parish
  • promotes the activity of preventative maintenance within the parish, and
  • maintains an inventory of the furniture, fixtures and equipment belonging to the parish.

The Council is also responsible for the prudent use of the real property, including the rectory and the entire plant.  In summary, the Council is responsible for the fiscal health of the parish.

Current members of the Finance Council are:

  • Father Anthony Weis
  • Krista Carroll
  • Pat Roden
  • Rob Walker
  • Michael Wehby
  • James Vines
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