Prayer Shawl Ministry

St. Patrick Prayer Shawl Ministry was started in approximately 2010.  We are a small band of ladies who get together every other Monday evening to work on our current projects and share our ideas and patterns.  We discuss the needs of the parishioners and our community.

Though our ministry, we have supplied hats to the homeless and oncology patients, shawls, lap afghans and scarves to our own parishioners, people who are in nursing homes or homebound, people who are facing surgery or people who have lost loved ones. We have sent items to the VA Hospital we have made preemie blankets for "Footprints," a ministry which serves premature babies in various local hospitals. You can see some examples of our work in our photo gallery.

Each time we meet we say a prayer which ironically was written by a lady from "St. Patrick Parish" in Texas.  We are reminded every time we say this prayer that all those people who have been blessed by our gifts continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

If you want to join this group or need more information, contact Mary Evans via e-mail.

Shawl Ministry News

Hats made for Ronald McDonald House
Prayer Shawl Ministry News

Continuing to spread joy and love to the community through our hands and hearts

Tue Oct 03 09:00 AM

Anthony and his new hat with Mary Evans
Longtime Parishioner Says Hello

Mary Evans paid a visit and spread some "Shawl Ministry" love

Sat Apr 09 12:02 PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry Prayer

Dear Lord, Bless these needles that they stay strong and light so they don't tire the hands that wield them; Bless this yarn with strength and softness that it will form a cloth of warmth and comfort; Bless these hands with strength and skill so they may make well crafted gifts; Bless this heart with strength and perseverance so I will see this work through to bring comfort to those in need; But most of all dear Lord, Bless the wearer of this cloth with strength and comfort that their burdens may be lightened and their hearts gladdened with the realization that they are loved.

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