SPIRIT (St. Patrick Religiously Inspired Teens)

St. Patrick's Involved and Religiously Inspired Teens are a very important part of St. Patrick Parish -- and St. Patrick Parish is a very important part of the lives of SPIRIT Youth.

The primary goal of St. Patrick youth ministry at the junior high and high school levels is to help the young people of our parish live their Catholic Faith through activities that focus on their spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical development.  SPIRIT is much more than a youth group whose members go bowling and eat pizza.  As our name proclaims, SPIRIT and those who are a part of SPIRIT are involved in parish life and are inspired by their faith -- and our actions and activities show it!

SPIRIT is St. Patrick's youth group for Grades 6-12 and SPIRIT Youth are involved in all aspects of parish life.  Many SPIRIT Youth members are altar servers and/or lectors.  Many serve as ushers while some are musically inclined, sharing their voices or the sounds of their instruments with the parish.

SPIRIT is fun.  SPIRIT is serious.  SPIRIT is crazy.  SPIRIT is educational.  SPIRIT is, well, spiritual!  If you are in Grades 6-12 at St. Patrick, SPIRIT needs to be YOU!

Learn all about SPIRIT and what we do through SPIRIT's pages on this website.  To learn more, contact us using the icon on this page.

Come and join us and experience Jesus in a special way with your SPIRIT brothers and sisters.


2019 National Catholic Youth Conference

SPIRIT was blessed to be a part of this amazing event!