Extraordinary Ministers

In the Body of Christ, there exists a wonderful variety of ministries, which are especially evident when we gather around the altar to worship God.

By virtue of our baptism in Christ, some of us are called to serve as ministers of the liturgical assembly.

As Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, you must be examples of Christian living in faith and conduct; you must strive to grow in holiness through this sacrament of unity and love. Remember that, though many, we are one body because we share the one bread and one cup.

This ministry allows lay people to assist priests and deacons in administering Holy Communion in two ways:

  1. within Mass
  2. to those impeded from attending Mass due to sickness or physical weakness.

In this ministry, we must be especially observant of the Lord's command to love our neighbor. For when He gave his body as food to His disciples, He said to them. "This is my commandment, that you should love one another as I have loved you."

Extraordinary Minister