Editor's Note:  In this story, author Ronnie Muro remembers Don and Louise Meadows, a lifelong couple who lived their lives as one.

No, I did not mistype the title! It really is supposed to be “DonandLouise” with no spaces. For, you see, that is how it was for so many years for Don Meadows and the love of his life, Louise, whom he affectionately called “Lulu”.

You hardly ever saw them apart. Whenever you saw Don, you usually saw Lulu. There was no space between them.

Don once told me they started holding hands in high school (Phillips High in Birmingham) in the late 1940’s. That led to a lifelong friendship and love affair that lasted into the next century. They were together for more than seventy years – though not physically for the last few after Louise passed away in 2010. Still, they were together as Don signed his Christmas cards “Don and Lulu”. 

Don and Louise were well known as the champion ticket sellers for our annual church Springfest fundraiser. Each year, it was a battle for second place as Don and Louise outsold everyone else. And, in typical Don fashion, he gave all the credit to Lulu. One year they also helped drum up ad sponsors for our bulletin insert. And once again, they led the way, finding many new sponsors to contribute to our cause. I remember Don telling me, “They just can’t say no to Lulu!”

Don and Louise

2 Timothy 4:6 "I have competed well; I have finished the race. I have kept the faith."

After Louise passed away, Don sank into a great depression. It was a real struggle that he probably never got over, only eased by the onset of memory loss that plagued him in later life. But even then, as he told stories about the love of his life, his eyes would brighten, and a smile would cross his face. Like the time they got in trouble when Lulu tried to kiss him in the cafeteria. Or maybe it was Don doing the trying! I forget, but it was lovely to see him smile telling that story.

As I reflect back on DonandLouise, there is something else that occurred to me. It could not be just luck or fate that held them together. They had something else going for them. I am sure Don would agree. It was DonandGodandLouise. With the Good Lord right in the middle, those two lived a life of love that stands as an example and a role model for us all.

Rest in Peace, DonandLouise

Dedicated to the memory of Brother Knight and faithful servant, Don Meadows (02/27/1933 - 04/24/2020)