We Pray for the Sanctity of Life

Knights of Columbus Council 10567 members take pride in their dedication to prayerful promotion of the sanctity of life - from conception to natural death.

One of Council 10567's proudest projects occurred in 2000 when we purchased a beautiful hand-carved wood sculpture that is proudly displayed at St. Patrick, Purchased during the term of then Grand Knight Mike Muro, this artwork was purchased directly from a company in Italy. The image is of the Blessed Mother and Children and symbolizes the Knights' commitment to the sanctity of life.

Council 10567 members are also strong contributors to the monthly Pro-Life March on the Southside of Birmingham. Those dedicated to the Right to Life for all, including the unborn, meet at St. Paul Cathedral for Mass at 8 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month. After Mass, a march is held from the church to an area abortion clinic. At this clinic, four Rosaries are said and the participants peacefully protest the abortion acts that are taking place across the street.

Pro Life Image

Council 10567 are Advocates for Life 

We Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood

The Catholic Directory in the United States:

37.192 Priests (25,760 diocesan and 11,432 religious) in 2016

3,520 Seminarians in 2016

50,000 Nuns/Sisters in 2014

70,412,021 registered Catholics in the United Statesin 2017

What can we do, as the Catholic Laity of the Church, to encourage more vocations: to the Diaconate, to the Consecrated and Religious Life, and especially to the Priesthood?

Pray to the Holy Spirit for good Catholic men, young and older, to choose the Priesthood as a vocation.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for good Catholic men, young and older, who consider the priesthood as their vocation, that they pursue their vocation.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for those good Catholic men who have made the choice and are now in Seminaries, that they continue with faithfulness to aspire fully to become Priests.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for more Diocesan Priests, since these are the Priests who pastor to our parishes and are the most needed.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for good Catholic men, young and older, who want to dedicate their life to Christ as a Deacon and not as a Priest, that they too pursue their vocation with zeal.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for good Catholic women, young and older, to choose the consecrated and religious life, dedicating their life to God.

Share friendships with Priests and Religious to foster Awareness, Communication and Respect. Please say "Thank You" to our Priests, Religious and Deacons.

Extend an invitation to a young person(who you think might have a Priestly, diaconate or Religious vocation) by asking him or her to explore a vocation to the Priesthood, Diaconate or Religious life.Your invitation could make a difference in someone`s life.

Utilize the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Embrace the Holy Eucharist while attending Mass often.

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Pray for vocations during the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Pray the Daily Prayers for Priestly Vocations, as written by Father Gray Bean. (Click on the link in the upper-right corner on this page for the Daily Prayers for Priestly Vocations).

Pray the Rosary for vocations.

Serve in parish ministry, as Jesus directs us in the Gospels to a life of service -- sharing our gifts and talents in the parish, to nurture Priestly and Religious vocations.

Participate in parish functions, benefitting not only our own spiritual growth but also setting an example to others.

in the Gospels Jesus directs us to a life of service. Share your gifts and talents in the parish to nurture religious and priestly vocations. the parish is a focal point in our life, and should be for others. A strong parish family produces Priestly, diaconate and Religious vocations.

Catholic: Love your Faith. Live your Faith. Be a Model.

Remember...Without a Priest, there would be no Celebration of the Eucharist, No Sacrament of Reconciliation, No Sacrament of Holy Orders.