The Sacrament of Matrimony

Marriage is a sacrament and, to that end, is considered holy and sacred.  The couple planning to wed must be well prepared to receive this sacrament.

Whether the couple desires the celebration of the Holy Mass or not, God is the center of the wedding ceremony.  Proper planning is required for all events surrounding this happy occasion.  Just like the couple selects the rings, the cake, and the flowers, care must be given in the selection of scripture readings and music.

God is the center of our faith and should also be the center of the marriage.  Fr. Weis will gladly counsel each couple in the proper preparation for their happy day. 

All couples planning to wed at St. Patrick should download the Wedding Policy provided herein.  This document provides all pertinent information surrounding the preparation for the ceremony as well as the ceremony itself. Congratulations!

Marriage is a sacred sacrament

Beloved Arise (from "Sacraments" by Sarah Hart)

Playlist of Wedding Songs (from OCP)

Click to view a full YouTube playlist of beautiful wedding songs as published on the Oregon Catholic Press website.