Ladies Auxiliary Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I visit without being a member?

A: Yes. We would love for you to visit with us at any one of our meetings we have that is usually held on the first Thursday of each month in the St. Joseph Hall at 6:30. If you like to attend Mass it is held in the Chapel and starts at 6 p.m.

Q: To join the Ladies Auxiliary, does my husband have to be a member of the Knights of Columbus?

A: No. The Ladies Auxiliary supports the Knights of Columbus but is a stand alone entity. Your spouse does not have to be a Knight for you to belong to the auxiliary. The auxiliary is open to all ladies of our parish over 21 years of age.

Q: How do I become a member of the Ladies Auxiliary?

A: Contact any Ladies Auxiliary member. See the Officers and Members for a person to contact.

Q: If I am a member, do I have to participate in every event the Auxiliary has?

A: Participation is not mandatory. Of course, most of our Ladies Auxiliary members are also members of different organizations within St. Patrick's. So you may see these ladies at many different events or functions. We do participate in different events or functions throughout the year and would love for you to join us, but you can choose what you would like to be part of and it is not mandatory to participate in every event or function.

Q: What are the membership fees or dues?

A: Dues are $24 per year.