"Gaeton Gotcha" Campaign

This year we are launching our new “Gaeton Gotcha’ Board” in honor of our dearly departed, Gaeton Conte. Gaeton was a staunch supporter of St. Patrick’s and so many other parishes and efforts throughout the city of Birmingham. He worked tirelessly at our church in so many areas, including helping the poor, but one of his proudest roles was that of selling our Springfest raffle tickets. Therefore, his name and his dedication to our annual fundraiser will be fondly remembered as participants “adopt” a shamrock.

The Gaeton Gotcha' campaign officially kicks off the weekend of May 1 / 2. The numbers will be different from our original Adopt a Shamrock board. And you are not going to believe what's in store for you when you participate in this unique fundraising campaign.

As in the past, we will award cash prizes structure will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize - $1,500
  • 2nd Prize - $750
  • 3rd Prize - $500

See the rules attached to this article on how you can have a chance at the cash prizes and also how you can be eligible to win the reserved parking space for a full year.

In addition to cash prizes, when you adopt a shamrock, you will receive a prize! This prize may have substantial value or it might be a "Gaeton Gotcha" prize. For a list of those who have donated goods or services to create incentives for our board, click here.

Thank you for your support of our parish. Let's all play and fill up this board for a successful fundraiser.

Click the first picture below to see an image gallery of some prizes won by participants. Our collectible magnets will arrive soon and all participants receive a magnet for playing along with us.


Gaeton Gotcha Logo