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First Communion Parent Letter

All the info you need to prepare for this exciting day!!



First Communion Information

Dear Families,

Our classes for 2nd grade Faith Formation are almost over, and soon our beautiful children will celebrate their First Holy Communion. This is what they’ve been studying so hard for all year. This is such an important and special time in their spiritual journey. This letter will discuss the following:

respect and etiquette for Communion, dress code, First Communion pictures, reception, and upcoming schedule. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

 Respect and Etiquette for Communion:

-during the Consecration, children should be kneeling and attentive.

-while in line to approach the Altar, hands should be folded respectfully.

-prior to receiving, they should kneel or bow and say, “Amen”; meaning, “I believe”.

-when returning to their seat, hands should remain folded with respectful consumption of the Host.

-upon returning to the pew, they should remain kneeling until the Host is placed in the Tabernacle.

 It is our responsibility as parents and teachers to instruct our children on the proper way to receive Holy Communion. Please continue to re-enforce this respect even after their First Communion Day.

 Dress code:

Boys-Boys should wear a suit or dress pants and sport coat. Suit may be

         black, brown, navy, or white. Tie and dress shoes are required.


Girls-Girls should wear an all-white dress with white dress shoes. No bare

       shoulders. They may wear white fold-down dress socks or white or tan

       hose. First Communion veils are encouraged.

 First Communion Pictures:

Professional pictures will be done by Dee Brasfield Photography. A package will be offered, so please bring cash or check. Please arrive dressed and ready by 9am.


A First Communion Reception will be held in the St. Joseph Hall following Mass. Each child will have their own table to accommodate their family. The reception is nicely done, and provides a wonderful opportunity to make the children feel special. First Communion gifts are encouraged.

 Upcoming Schedule:



 NOTE: In between these very important dates, we also have very important lessons. Please try to attend all classes, unless sick.


Reading parts will be handed out ASAP. Please practice these parts with your child.


First Communion veils, ties, and gifts can be purchased at the following:

-Alpha Church Supply-West Oxmoor Rd.

-EWTN Religious Catalogue Gift Shop-Irondale




 Contact Numbers:

Lisa Dougherty-648-1519(h) or 638-2363(w)

Janet Rubino, DRE-798-5326


Special thanks to all parents and families for your great support.


God Bless!

Lisa and Janet