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Annual SPIRIT Awards

Learn More About our Annual Awards Presented by SPIRIT

The SPIRIT Award is presented to recognize participation in SPIRIT youth group. It recognizes the devotion and commitment one has to our youth group. SPIRIT holds a special place in the hearts of this parish and each teen who takes time from the busy academic, social, and fun aspects of being a high schooler deserves to be recognized. They choose to be a part of SPIRIT, and within SPIRIT they dive deep into God, The Church, friendships, relationships, and learn not only about others, but more importantly about themselves.

The ALPHA Award is given each year to recognize the accomplishments of a high school senior who has excelled academically and who has been involved in parish life, primarily in the area of youth ministry and activities.

The ALPHA Award and certificate capture the essence of the story of the meeting of Jesus with the two young people on the road to Emmaus; the two young travelers resemble the youth of today — on the move, absorbed by their own surroundings and problems, often confused. In this state, they did not recognize who Jesus was and He joined them, falling in step with them.

They sensed His sincerity and concern and eagerly shared with Him the details of the events that crushed their hopes about the Messiah. Jesus listened to them carefully and opened their eyes to the deeper meaning of what they had experienced. But it was not until they had shared a meal together that they realized who He was … and then He vanished, leaving them to return to their friends to share the amazing news!

Graduation from high school is the beginning of a new journey for our young people — the ALPHA Award presents an opportunity to recognize their achievements, spirituality, and integrity, and also serves as an incentive to continue this good work as they begin their future.

Awarded at the parish level, The ALPHA Award has been presented throughout the diocese annually for more than 20 years. Its name states it purpose: Acknowledging Leadership, Perseverance, Hard work, and Accomplishments.