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Lenten Day of Service

Annual Effort by Parishioners to Give of Their Time, Talent & Treasure

 Lenten Day 2006
Lenten Day 2006
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Lenten Day 2006
Nearly 100 parishioners attended for a very successful day
Lenten Day 2009
A Beautiful Day of Service for the Lord
Lenten Day 2017
Very productive day with some very dedicated parishioners

The Lenten Day of Service is generally observed the first Saturday in Lent each year.  On this day, parishioners come together for an organized effort to give of their time, talents and even treasure to "spruce up" the church, both interior and exterior.  Sign-up is conducted prior to the event and hence teams are formed with leaders to coordinate work in the different areas of the church.  Often, work is performed offsite for specific needs of others.

Check the Additional Pages found at the right to get full details about our Annual Lenten Days.  And join us to see just how fulfilling donating your time can be with your parish family.