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View Scenes from the Grounds
Scenes from the Grounds

Do you recognize this face? This is just one of the many points of interest on the grounds outdoors. The Kateri Circle exhibit is where you could see this clay bust of our dearly beloved Pope John Paul II literally as it was being formed up.

Take a look at the many points of interest that weren't necessarily all just games.

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View Bingo and Bargains and More
Bingo and Bargains and More

Who could resist visiting with this happy face and spending a little quality Bingo time in the Family Life Center during Springfest? That place was buzzing with business as hundreds looked for bargains in new or used items. Take a peek and see what you might have missed.

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View Entertainment Continues...
Entertainment Continues...

Our own Absolute Presence brought their soul-filled sounds from the sanctuary of the church to the Springfest stage. The grounds were filled with good music and great voices as Janet, Angela, Brandon, Tony, Chris and Doug blended to deliver many familiar selections, as well as a few new sounds.

Speaking of new, the group had a guest drummer as Justin was unable to attend due to a previous commitment. Tony treated the crowd by playing keyboards as well as an occasional harmonica.

Returning to the stage this year was Joe and The Kid (featuring our own Andrew Brasfield). And the crowd rocked to some great gospel sounds later in the afternoon.

Browse these photos to get an up-close-and-personal view of all the groups in action.

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View Children Played All Day
Children Played All Day

The Sumo Wrestling attraction attracted kids of all ages. This was just one of the games that kids enjoyed all day for the price of one wristband.

So many kids, so many games and so many smiles. Whoever thought sticking to a wall would be so much fun? And sliding and flying and bouncing turned into more than just fun. It was a workout for all the kids (and adults) who joined in.

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View Outdoor Games for Kids of All Ages
Outdoor Games for Kids of All Ages

Whether you were looking to win a cake or take a chance on winning a bigger prize, Springfest had the game for you.

The little ones (and some larger kids) were having fun playing all day on inflatables but some were taking time to experience a different kind of fun. J.P. Troha, while working at the Oil Well, shows off his own entertainment skills as he draws the crowds to play for a little cash.

Look through this album and see for yourself.

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View Fun Times in the Dining Room
Fun Times in the Dining Room

Check out this menu. And you can bet that it drew a big crowd - from all over the Adamsville/Forestdale community. Many from around the city and county who came back to eat the traditional international foods served up at Springfest.

From meatball hoagies to cabbage rolls to cheese bread and home baked goodies for dessert, there was much to choose from as visitors and St. Pat's family alike enjoyed a wonderful day in the dining area. And we thank James Bossert for providing smooth sounds from his accordion as so many enjoyed a wonderful meal and enjoyable fellowship at Springfest 21.

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View Father Bean in Sung Worship and Praise
Father Bean in Sung Worship and Praise

Our pastor, Father Gray Bean, gave witness through music, as a part of the entertainment line-up.

At St. Patrick, we have heard Father as he intones intros to our service music or chants prayers at high Mass but many were amazed as he expressed himself in song much like he does in word as he shares the Gospel with us during Liturgy. Father Bean sang several songs including a dedication to Sisters Mary and Maura, a special rendition of Amazing Grace. Peruse this album to review the expressions of many as Father shared this means of praising God through his music.

Other pleasing sounds came from groups like Joe and The Kid, Absolute Presence, a fine gospel group, a tremendous Taekwondo exhibition and Christian music by Allen Fines. Check back soon for more entertainment photos.

We thank all the groups and individuals who provided such a great time outside on the grounds during Springfest 21.

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