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Cantor: Role and Responsibilites

Being a cantor involves much more than standing up and singing alone.  It is to make the assembly's prayer possible through song.  The cantor has the responsibility for any songs or hymns that require solo passages, leading the assembly in a recurring refrain to be sung and inviting the assembly to join voices in hymns used throughout the Mass.  The Responsorial Psalm between the Old and New Testament readings, the Gospel Acclamation, and other proclamations, such as parts of the Gloria and various Litanies are other examples of the cantor's responsibility. 

At Saint Patrick, cantors are asked to commit to one night each week to learn new music and to perfect this skill of singing and leading song.  Time is spent on how to prepare for liturgy, speaking to the assembly, and vocal exercises to strengthen skills.   

The requirements to be a successful cantor must include a strong, singing voice,  ability to encourage the people to join in the songs and dedication to the Ministry of Music.  If you are interested in becoming a cantor, please contact Janet Rubino through the STAFF section of this website or through the Church Office.  A time will be set up to discuss your participation and the expectations of this important position in the Liturgy.   May all our voices join together to proclaim the goodness of the Lord !!

Cantors, click here to access the free planning guide for this week's liturgy.

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