Knights Sponsor Holy Hour and Program at St. Patrick on Sunday, June 6

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St. Patrick Knights of Columbus 10567 sponsored a Holy Hour and accompanying program after Mass on Sunday, June 6 at St. Patrick.

Council 10567 Faith Director Jeff Blanchard organized the program that the Council sponsors quarterly.

Father Anthony Weis led the exposition and those gathered sat with Jesus in prayer and reflection during that time.

After the exposition, Jeff Blanchard gave a brief talk on the role of the laity in brining people back to Mass after the pandemic. After the talk those present discussed the difficult issue of getting Catholics to come home.

Here is the text of Jeff's talk:

"In this Year of the Parish and the Eucharist we need to  discuss the role of lay people in stirring people back to Mass and to bring others into the church. There are two things that are essential to this mission.

The first is emphasizing that coming to Church is about coming home. God has placed into us a desire to return home to Him. Heaven is our home. Heaven is here. Everyone belongs here because they came from here. We do not come to just worship. Worship can happen anywhere. We come for Mass, the sacrifice that leads us home. At Mass, Christ asks us to offer up our hearts, in latin Sersum Corda— Corda, the offering of the very core of ourselves to God in heaven, our home, right in front of us. God accepts our offering, but that sacrifice is not enough. God requires a perfect sacrifice. In His mercy, Christ intervenes. His body offered one time for the forgiveness of sins is placed on this altar. God accepts His Son as the perfect sacrifice, and pours the blessings of that sacrifice upon all that are present at Mass, including the saints. All of the saints are at Mass with us, because the Mass is in heaven. We have a hope that included among them are our grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, anyone we know who has passed from this life. Many people would given anything to be in the presence of their lost loved ones. We are offered that opportunity simply by going home, going to Mass.  In short, to get to heaven we must go to heaven, and go there often thru the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

Second we have to snuff out hypocrisy wherever we see it but not the hypocrisy of individual’s actions. If anyone microscopically evaluated any of our lives they would find hypocrisies. Our efforts should be spent correcting the hypocrisies of the collective church. For example, going to confession on a regular basis. Priests will preach about the importance of going to confession frequently, yet many Catholics only go once a year if at all. Some claim they feel more comfortable praying for forgiveness outside of the confessional. To that the church responds lex orandi, lex credendi, the law of prayer is the law of belief. In other words, how we pray begins to effect what we believe. When we ask for Gods forgiveness in the comfort of our minds, we begin to be comfortable with our sins, and believe that they are secrets that only affect us. When we have to speak about our sins in the confessional, we sacrifice our pride, and realize that our sins hurt everyone. “For when one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.” Going to confession at least monthly helps us to grow in our relationship with Christ. It deepens our believe in the reality of sin and God’s mercy. 

So how do these things translate into concrete plans? What are your ideas?"