St. Patrick Catholic Church Continues to Celebrate Mass

Outdoor Altar

Considering the orders made necessary by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, St. Patrick Catholic Church in Adamsville has been working hard to bring the celebration of Holy Mass to its parishioners and the general public.

Beginning on Palm Sunday, we celebrated our first "Drive-Up Mass" that was facilitated through the set-up of an FM transmitter. Through the hard work of some volunteers and the kind sponsorship of this device by a generous parishioner, the audio for the Mass is heard through automobile radios on FM channel 100.7. This signal is only available in the general vicinity of the church grounds. This Mass was also broadcast on Facebook as a live video.

On Holy Thursday evening, and continuing with all Holy Week services (including the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday), Mass was live-streamed via a function of the newly launched church website. This was in addition to the Facebook live video. This live stream could be viewed from the website at the time of the specific service or Mass. Subsequent Masses have been live-streamed and recorded and available on that same page until the following week's Mass.

On Sunday, May 10, more than 140 people attended the “Drive-Up Mass” from their cars. Mass attendees were asked to park their vehicles in every other parking space and remain in their cars to maintain social distancing. Many wore masks as they received a bulletin and dropped their contribution envelopes off to volunteers. These volunteers wore the proper safety attire and extended the collection basket from a distance.

St. Patrick Pastor Father Vernon Huguley is happy to be able to bring the celebration of Mass to the public in this manner. "We have been blessed with our volunteer 'production team' to be able to bring Holy Mass to everyone. We have had a very positive response and I believe that the Drive-Up Masses have brought a sense of normalcy to our parishioners. I am thankful that we can continue to be connected in this way as a parish family during these difficult times."

St. Patrick continues to offer Mass on the portico outside the doors of the church each Sunday at 10 a.m. and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. We invite you to join us from our website at or follow us on Facebook at

Front View Drive-Up Mass