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SVDP Grocery List:


Standard Needs:

___ Cooking Oil

___ Dry Beans

___ Sugar (2# or 4# preferred)

___ Flour (2# or 4# preferred)

___ Saltine Crackers

___ Grits

___ Soup

___ Oatmeal

(Updated March 19, 2021)

SEE BROWN BAG LIST attached to bags in St. Joseph Hall.


NOTE: When listed, grits and oats in 24 oz. and sugar, flour, and cornmeal in 4 lb. bags makes bagging easier. Thank you.

The SVDP Food Pantry will always accept all Non-Perishable Food Items that are IN-DATE & Not-Damaged: Canned Green Beans, Corn, Misc. Peas & Beans, Fruit, Mixed Vegetables, Potatoes; Soups, Cereals, Saltine Crackers, Pasta Sauces, Grits, Oats, Cooking Oil, Snacks, etc.

ATTENTION: If you shop online via Amazon, you can support St. Vincent de Paul at the same time. Use and choose St. Vincent de Paul as your charity.  A portion of the proceeds from your purchases will be donated to this worthy cause.