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Corpus Christi 2008 Small 5 MB WindowsMediaPlayer icon Download
This is a smaller (lower quality) video of the scenes from our 2008 Corpus Christi procession.
Corpus Christi 2008 Large 17 MB WindowsMediaPlayer icon Download
View a composition of all photos taken during the procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi.  (Video is large so allow for ample time to download.)
Corpus Christi 2006 8 MB WindowsMediaPlayer icon Download
Scenes from the Foundation for Liturgical Music Workshop 7 MB WindowsMediaPlayer icon Download

The campus of Birmingham Southern College provided the facility.  The Foundation for Liturgical Music sponsored and hosted this gathering of hundreds of musicians from the State of Alabama and the southeast.  Keynote speakers delivered heartfelt messages and all of the faculty provided workshops and discussion sessions over there days and evenings.  Workshops were geared toward cantors, choir directors, musicians, children's liturgists, young people and even aspiring composers!

It was a great three days.  This photo gallery will take you through the days' experiences as seen through the camera of one of the attendees.

We hope you enjoy viewing this presentation.  Please allow ample time for download as it is quite a large file.

You can find more photos and information in this section of the website.