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View Cemetery Mass 2006
Cemetery Mass 2006

Tradition held true as the many family members of those buried in the St. Michael's cemetery honored their loved ones with the celebration of Mass on Sunday, November 5, 2006. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the crisp Fall air provided a fitting setting for this Eucharistic celebration. Spend a few moments with those who commemorated this annual event.

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View Blessing of the Graves and Beyond
Blessing of the Graves and Beyond

The moon rose over this hallowed place and the families continued to remember and reflect their memories of the day and of their families' lives. This album reflects the blessing of the graves and the sight of the cemetery after the sun went down.

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View Cemetery Mass 2005
Cemetery Mass 2005

In the spirit of the tradition which has been observed for many years, Mass was celebrated at St. Michael's Cemetery in Brookside on Sunday, November 6, 2005. Father Gray Bean is seen here raising the host during the consecration. Families and friends gather to this sacred place to celebrate the Holy Mass and remember those who have been laid to rest in this holy place.

Following mass, Father Bean offers a blessing and then visits each grave and family sprinkling each one with holy water. The fall colors made for a beautiful setting and many friends were reunited during this special day. Visit the photos to either re-live the day or to observe the scenes as we remembered those who have gone before us in faith.

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View Blessing of the Graves 2005
Blessing of the Graves 2005

It was a beautiful and warm Fall day as families placed floral arrangements on the graves of their loved ones both before and after the annual All Souls' Mass. Walk with Father Bean and reminisce with these families as they honor those who have gone before them in Faith.

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