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Family Life Activities at Saint Patrick
Families gather for the First Saturday Mass and 2007 Lenten Day of Service
Families gather for the First Saturday Mass and 2007 Lenten Day of Service

St. Patrick Catholic Church is a place where families come to worship together, to grow spiritually, to form life-long bonds of friendship and to serve each other and the Lord. 

Formed from four neighboring parishes in the 1980's, St. Patrick still reflects the uniqueness and diversity or each of those communities, while at the same time blending to create a wonderfully warm and inviting place of worship.  Both the church and its people carry a strong bond with the traditions of the past, but at the same time, embrace the changes that will help meet the needs of a constantly changing world. 

The center of our faith is sharing in the Eucharist.  Daily Mass is celebrated in the chapel which accommodates around fifty people.  On weekends, a Saturday evening and one Sunday morning liturgy are offered.  Many feel having only one Sunday Mass gives people a chance to get to know each other better by bringing most of the parish together to worship at the same time, rather than being spread out over several weekend Masses.  This helps St. Patrick retain a small parish feel, which is true to its roots, and makes it easier to become part of parish life.

Throughout the school year, children of the parish participate in the weekly faith formation program which includes sacramental preparation for First Communion and Confirmation.  Activities to enrich adult education and spirituality are presented which focus on the current needs of the parish.  During the year, families are encouraged to take part in many spiritually enriching programs.  Included among these are daily Rosary, Stations of the Cross during Lent, Penance services and the Divine Mercy celebration.

Service to each other and community is an important part of St. Patrick parish life. The Legion of Mary visits homebound parishioners weekly, while the parish staffs the Firehouse shelter one Saturday a month.  Each year at Christmastime residents of the Bread and Roses (Pathways) shelter are invited to the parish for a Christmas party.  Parishioners join together to prepare a covered dish supper, purchase gifts and entertain our guests.  Families attend together as parents help with driving, cooking, etc. while the young people get to know the children from the shelter.

Other opportunities for service abound through the year.  Our Lenten Day of Service is a parish-wide event for all ages.  Parishioners gather together at the church and are divided into teams of adults and youth to tackle many chores throughout the facility.  On some occasions, the day includes visits to parishioner homes that need assistance. 

Perhaps the biggest service opportunity for the entire parish is SPRINGFEST, our annual fundraiser. SPRINGFEST, held each year in May, is a major undertaking that requires the commitment and dedication of all parishioners, young and old.  Families man booths, prepare food, set up, clean up and generally do whatever is needed to put on the event.  For many, the bonding and fellowship that develops while working on SPRINGFEST far surpasses the monetary goals for the event.

St. Patrick has several organizations that give opportunities to serve the parish and community.  The Sunshine Club gives seniors an opportunity to share fellowship and prayer during their monthly meetings and outings.  Adult men are invited to be part of Knights of Columbus Council 10567, one of the most active councils in the state.  The Ladies Auxiliary sponsors a retreat for women and has many programs throughout the year.  The youth of the parish (grades 6-12) participate in SPIRIT (Saint Patrick's Involved and Religiously Inspired Teens).  SPIRIT offers social as well as spiritually enriching activities, including a retreat.  Younger children can participate in sports activities or can be part of our Fun Friday group.

And we know how to have fun too!  Any time St. Patrick people get together it can be  fun, but especially so when celebrating St. Patrick's Day or Mardi Gras.  Our patron's feast day is celebrated attending Mass followed by a covered dish supper with the best food around.  The Mardi Gras dance is a new tradition added to the social calendar of St. Patrick's adults.

The many activities, spiritual, educational, social and service, combine to make St. Patrick Catholic Church a wonderful place for families to grow in their faith.  Putting that faith in action by serving others is what is truly rewarding.  Those who participate fully in parish life gain a greater love and appreciation of the Catholic faith, but also they develop a deeper love for their community and especially, the faith family called St. Patrick.