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Mr. Bryant Collins, Jr
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Mr. Bryant Collins, Jr. was born in Birmingham, AL.  He wanted to say he was raised in a barn or a bowling alley, but he was actually raised in Forestdale.  He was baptized at St. Raphael in Graysville, AL and confirmed at St. Catherine in Pratt City, AL.  He has been a member since the church was founded in 1987 and has worked with Faith Formation since 2007.  He is married to Deidre and they have 3 children, Trey, Zack, and Nick.  He works as a pressman and enjoys coaching sports for his son's teams. His nickname is "Flipper", because he used to have long hair (believe it or not), that he enjoyed flipping!!  He has since misplaced his hair, but the name stuck!! His spiritual inspirations are many, Fr.'s Pat, Ray, and Bean, along with his dear friend, Patsy Byrd, his grandmother, and his aunt and uncle.