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Mrs. Doris S Moody
Phone: (205) 798-5326
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I am a lifelong resident of the Birmingham area and have been a member of St. Patrick's since the inception of the parish.  (Originally I was a parishioner of St. Raphael's in Graysville.)  A cradle Catholic, I grew up in a small rural area of Birmingham with my six brothers and sisters.  Four of us took music lessons in the very early years and now music is a very prominent focus in my life, primarily for relaxation.

My husband (Eddy) and I have three boys.  Matt recently graduated from the University of Alabama in mechanical engineering.  He is now working for Honda Motor Company as, you guessed it, an engineer.  You can learn more about his  real interests here.  Jonathan graduated from UAB with a degree in psychology and went on to Cumberland School of Law where he obtained his J.D. and recently passed the Alabma Bar.  He is married to his high school sweetheart and I am proud to finally have a daughter! Daniel is locally employed.  Both Daniel and Matt are self-taught guitarists and Daniel is now pursuing skills at the piano.


I work for pc|mac and focus most of my time on the SCHOOLinSITES project providing training for those who use it and those who are promoting it across the country.  It is a very busy life but very gratifying as I meet so many people and learn so much from them.


My hobbies include photography, playing piano and having fun on the computer.  I also enjoy working in the yard and jogging with my running buddy (Penny, a shepherd mix who likes to drag me around the neighborhood occasionally).