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View Easter Vigil 2018
Easter Vigil 2018

What a beautiful evening as we begin

our Easter celebration

with the Holy Fire at the vigil Mass.

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View Easter 2013 - Volume II (Easter Morning)
Easter 2013 - Volume II (Easter Morning)

Although the skies were cloudy, spirits were bright as the church was filled with a Resurrection people rejoicing in the Risen Lord.

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View Easter 2013 - Volume I (The Vigil Service)
Easter 2013 - Volume I (The Vigil Service)

What a beautiful culmination as our candidates began their journey in the Catholic church.

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View Easter 2010
Easter 2010

The Easter Vigil and Easter Morning services were very memorable, especially for our newly received. From the lighting of the Easter fire to the celebration on Sunday morning, take a stroll through these visual depictions of the events.

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View RCIA 2010 Candidates - First Scrutiny
RCIA 2010 Candidates - First Scrutiny

As we near the Easter Vigil, we celebrate with our candidates during their preparation for full entry into the church. These pix taken during the March 7th 10:00 Mass as they observed yet another step toward the culmination of their journey.

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View RCIA 2009 - Easter Vigil
RCIA 2009 - Easter Vigil

The Easter Fire blazes brightly as our Mass began ushering in the Risen Christ and our newest members into the Catholic faith. More photos of this service and the beautiful decorations in the church can be viewed in this album.

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View Easter 2011
Easter 2011

Christ Be Our Light! The Easter fire began our Vigil Mass on Saturday evening, April 23, as our candidates were welcomed into the Catholic faith. Scenes from this Mass are in this album.

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