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2005 Knights of Columbus Honorees
2005 Knights of Columbus Honorees
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By Louis J. Muro

Grand Knight


In what has become an annual tradition at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Council 10567 proudly announced the  recipients of its annual awards on Sunday, July 5, 2005 at the conclusion of the 10 a.m. Mass.


Parishioner Anthonly Brooklere received the Colombo Service Award; Don and Louise Meadows were named the Family of the Year; and Charles Blanchard accepted the Jerome C. Bradley Knight of the Year Award.


While we at Council 10567 are proud of all of this year's honoree's, we want to make sure to recognize the great work and support of the outgoing President of our Ladies Auxiliary. Ann Tulloss has just completed two years as President and she has been a dedicated and devoted presence in the Ladies organization during that time. To recognize her hard work and great leadership, Council 10567 has presented Ann with a Certificate of Appreciation. 


In 1995, Council 10567 established the annual Colombo Service Award, honoring a St. Patrick parishioner for outstanding service to parish, the diocese and the community over an extended period of years. The award was named in honor of Lou Colombo, one of the founding fathers of our Council, a longtime St. Patrick Music Director and a great servant to us all.


This year’s Colombo Service Award honoree is Anthony Brooklere.


Mr. Brooklere is one of the most recognized figures in the 78 West community. He is a member and past president of the Jefferson County and Alabama Pharmacy Associations. A charter member, 42-year member and Past President of the Forestdale Lions Club, Mr. Brooklere has received the Lion of the Year Award and the Lions Club Community Service Award. He was a charter member of the Forestdale Chamber of Commerce and a longtime supporter of Bottenfield Junior High and Minor High School.


To our parish Mr. Brooklere has contributed a keen business sense that is vital in today’s environment. His stewardship is a primary reason that our Church has no major debt at this time. During his tenure as part of our Finance Committee leadership, we have paid for the construction of a Parish Hall, a Church and a Family Life Center. Through all of the years, Mr. Brooklere has been the steady presence in the financial area at this church. In addition, he has served for many years as a Lector, Eucharistic Minister and as a leader at our annual Springfest.


It is a great honor for Council 10567 to have Anthony Brooklere as the 2005 Colombo Service Award recipient.


In a letter to Council 10567, Mr. Brooklere said, "I would like to express my profound and sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for granting me the Lou Colombo Service Award. The award was a great surprise and totally unexpected. It is especially meaninguful because I was honored by my fellow parishioners and good friends. Also, the man for whom the award is named was a man of respect and honor. Thank you again."


Council 10567's Family of the Year is chosen from among 12 monthly Family of the Month honorees. This year's Family of the Year is the Don and Louise Meadows family.


Don and Louise have charted a love story for the ages. They met on a streetcar when they were 13-years-old. He was a football player at Phillips High School and she was cheerleader. Don gave a Louise an engagement ring when she was 16-years-old and they were married at 18.


Almost 54 years later, they can now boast four children, 10 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


Don spent eight years of active duty in the United States Air force and worked for more than 30 years at D. A. Stewart. While Don was doing this, Louise raised a family and after that was done, worked at the Justice Department.


In 1953, Don and Louise converted to Catholicism and they have been coming to St. Patrick since 1996. Don joined the Knights of Columbus in October 1998 and Louise has been a member of the Ladies Auxiliary since its inception.


Don and Louise have contributed to St. Patrick in every area. Don is a stalwart in the Knights of Columbus Council, serving as Family Director and working tirelessly to maintain the church grounds. He has brought new programs in the Family area that have been innovative and that have enhanced our support of Family Life. But the real worker is Louise, most of it behind the scenes, working tirelessly to promote Springfest while showing the community what St. Patrick is all about. Could anyone ever say no to Louise Meadows?


Don and Louise are very real role models to all of us and we are very happy and proud to honor them as our Family of the Year.


Charlie Blanchard was an unlikely candidate to ever set foot in the state of Alabama. He was born in Iowa and served 23 years in the U.S. Navy. He and his wife Peggy settled in Birmingham and raised three children. They now have 13 grand and one great grandchild.


Charlie retired from Alabama Power after 23 years and has served the Council as Membership Director, Council Director and has been a longtime member of our First Degree team. He is also the current Director of the annual Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities


Since the day our Council was chartered, no one has been a more consistent Knight in terms of service than Charlie Blanchard. He was chosen from among 12 deserving recipients of our Knight of the Month award. We have renamed our Knight of the Year Award in honor of the late J. C. Bradley and it is only fitting that Charlie Blanchard be the first official recipient of the Jerome C. Bradley Knight of the Year Award. One thing is certain: J. C. Bradley would have heartily approved.


Shown in the accompanying photo on this page are (l-r) Louis J. Muro, Don and Louise Meadows, Anthony Brooklere, Peggy and Charles Blanchard, Lois Bradley and Father Gray Bean.