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 Chris Muro Congratulates Rob Smith
Chris Muro Congratulates Rob Smith
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Grand Knight Rob Smith and Deputy Grand Knight Chris Muro did the honors of handing out Council 10567's annual awards on Sunday, May 20, 2007.

Rob started off the festivities by announcing that Michael Cather is this year's recipient of the Louis N. Muro Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was established by Council 10567 in 1995 in memory of Louis N. Muro, the Charter Grand Knight and a man who believed in academic excellence and service to Church.

Michael Cather, a senior at Gardendale High School, became the 28th recipient from our parish to receive this scholarship. Michael is grandson of the late David Vines and Pauline Vines and he is the son of Jamey and Elizabeth Cather. Michael has been an active member of this parish since he was a small boy, participating in many, many projects over the years, and St. Patrick has been a major part of his life. 

Longtime Knight and St. Patrick parishioner Phillip Troha received the Colombo Service Award. This award honors a St. Patrick parishioner for outstanding service to parish, the diocese and the community over an extended period of years. The award is named in honor of Lou Colombo, one of the founding fathers of our Council, a longtime St. Patrick Music Director and a great servant to us all.

Phillip is one of the most respected and admired members of our parish.  His humble manner and his example of service in so many areas are an inspiration to us all.  Phillip has served St. Patrick for many years.  He recently headed up our Lenten Day of Service and currently serves on our Finance Committee.  Phillip is an active leader in the Knights of Columbus, currently serving as Church Director, and also finds time to teach Religious Education. His service to our youth began years ago when he served as Junior High Youth Minister and later as SPIRIT Youth Minister. Phillip and his wife Cindy have two children, Tracie and John Phillip, and they serve as a role model for Catholic Family Life. 

The Family of the Year is Sammy and Julie Owen. Sammy Owen is a striking example of what true Christian family life can do for a person. He married Julie in 1997 and became a Catholic and a Knight of Columbus in 2002. Since that time and even before that time Sammy provided many, many hours of unselfish work for this parish. Julie and Sammy served as co-chairpersons for Springfest this year and headed up our Fun Friday activities. Julie and Sammy were both actively involved in helping with religious education this year. They are blessed with a daughter, Jessica, who made her First Communion this year while also participating on the church’s basketball team. For the example they have set as a Catholic Family and for their service to St. Patrick and all of us, Sammy, Julie and Jessica Owen are the Council 10567 Family of the Year.

Knights of Columbus Council 10567 is blessed with many, many outstanding men. But one has stood above the rest this year and that person is Rob Smith, our Jerome C. Bradley Knight of the Year. Rob Smith has so many great qualities it is hard to list them all. He has a great work ethic, he has great ability, his leadership skills are outstanding and he has a warm and generous personality. Unselfish and humble, Rob also is one of the most spiritual persons you will ever run across. He takes his Catholic faith seriously and he is one of these rare individuals who actually put their faith into action. Council 10567 had its greatest year ever this past year and that is due to the leadership of Rob Smith. He is a great friend and brother to all Knights. 

For more information on joining the Knights of Columbus, e-mail knights@saintpatrickcc.com