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Springfest Planning Has Begun - Sell Those Tickets! back button

 Remember when?
Remember when?

SPRINGFEST 2013 will be Sunday May 19th. Springfest RAFFLE TICKETS are being distributed to parishoners. If you have not picked up your tickets, please pick them up at the week-end Masses and SELL! SELL! SELL! Tickets are once again 6 per sheet. Price is $1.00 for a single ticket, $5.00 for 6 tickets.

Need more Tickets? Please ask Gaeton Conte, Ticket Chair-Person, for more.

JOIN The 10 PLUS CLUB! Sell $100.00 of Tickets (20 sheets) by May 5th and you will receive 4 free sheets of Tickets. Sell $100.00 of Tickets (20 sheets) by May 19th and receive 2 free sheets of Tickets. See the 10 PLUS CLUB LIST on the bulletin board and on the website.

The parishioners who sell the most tickets by May 19th will receive $100.00, $75.00 and $25.00 accordingly. Watch the website also - www.saintpatrickcc.com/springfest - for more information including menus and silent auction items.