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Springfest News - SELL those Tickets! New Incentives back button

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TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Yes, it's time to put on your "sales hat" and begin to promote our annual church fundraiser through the most effective means of raising money: selling raffle tickets. Here is how it works.

  • $1 per ticket
  • $5 for 6 tickets 
  • $10 for 12 tickets

Tickets are ready for pickup after Mass. Tickets this year are in perforated sheets rather than stapled for ease in completing the stub. All parishioners are asked to sell tickets.  There are incentives as well.

  • Sell 10 books (120 tickets) or more by March 27 and you get 2 books free.
  • Sell 20 or more books by April 24 and get a free parking pass to park in the church parking lot on the day of Springfest. NEW: Sell 20 or more books by Springfest Day and get a Springfest Memories collector DVD/Photo set.
  • Top sellers will be in contention for the I Love Lulu award which will be presented on Springfest Day.