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Pope John Paul the Great

“Before me eyes is, in particular, the witness of Pope John Paul II. He leaves us a Church that is more courageous, freer, younger, a Church that, according to his teaching and example, looks with serenity to the past and is not afraid of the future.”

Pope Benedict XVI


Learn more about Pope John Paul’s incredible

Theology of the Body

By attending the new

Friday Morning Catechesis

(Offered by Fr. Bean every Friday Morning following the 9:00 Mass, beginning September 7)

Questions addressed in this inspired papal teaching will include:

v     What is the meaning of life?

v     Why did God create us male and female?

v     How do we attain true happiness on earth?

v     What kind of joys await us in heaven?

v     Why is there evil in the world and how do we overcome it?

v     How can we experience the love we long for in the depth of our hearts?