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For the greater part of 26 years, on the first Sunday in May, St. Patrick Parish has brought Adamsville and its surrounding communities together at Springfest, a day filled with fun, food, and fellowship.  This year, however, there is a very different feeling in the air, one of destruction and devastation, from the aftermath of the worst series of tornadoes to hit Alabama in the state's history.  Springfest 26 is cancelled, but the spirit of community it sparks is not, and the show will go on in a very different, yet positive, way.

Effective immediately, St. Patrick is serving as a donation drop-off point for those affected by the recent storms in need of assistance.  The following items are being solicited from those who would like to donate, and will be available to those in need, per the guidelines that follow:

* water (gallon jugs and individual-serving bottles)
* clothing, including new underwear (all sizes, adults and children)
* socks (adults and children)
* non-perishible, ready-to-eat, food items
* baby items (diapers, Pull-Ups, food, wipes, etc.)
* Toys and games with batteries included, if applicable, but that do not require electricity
* Paper products (cups, napkins, plates, utensils)
* Writing paper and pens
* Cleaning supplies
* Personal hygiene items
* sunscreen and bug spray
* Plastic tubs with lids
* Sharpie markers

St. Patrick parishioners in need may pick up items directly from the church.  Emergency management officials from Adamsville and Pleasant Grove may pick up items from the church to coordinate local distribution within the community.

The distribution point for both donated items and items picked up is the St. Joseph Hall on the west side of the campus.  Use the church office entrance and ring the door bell if the door is locked.  Hours of operation are from dusk to dawn.

St. Patrick parishioners who would like to assist in staffing the distribution center may simply show up to help!

For more information regarding any aspect of this program, please call (205) 915-6876.