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SPIRIT Summer Swimming

Come beat the heat with SPIRIT Summer Swimming Saturday and Sunday, August 2 and 3, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Grades 6-8 will swim Saturday and Grades 9-12 on Sunday (grade levels based on what grade you'll be in this fall).  We'll swim at the home of Jeff, Pattie, Jeremiah, and Delaine Johnson, and we thank the Johnsons for opening up their home and pool to us.

Each person is asked to bring a 2-liter drink and $3 to cover the cost of dinner, which will be served around 6 p.m.  Be sure to bring a towel, too!  You're asked to provide your own transportation to and from the Johnsons', but if your parents can't bring you and you need a ride, contact Kevin Whitaker.

For more information, contact Kevin, and click here for directions to the Johnsons'.

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