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Fred Deason Receives Colombo Service Award

 Fred Deason and Wife Irene
Fred Deason and Wife Irene
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Knights of Columbus Council 10567 has recognized longtime Knight and St. Patrick parishioner Fred Deason with the the prestigious Colombo Service Award.

The recognition for Fred came on Sunday, June 25, 2017 as part of the Council's annual Awards Day.

Also recognized were Knight of the Year William Boone and Family of the Year Gary and Pam Palmer. Council 10567 also used the occasion to recognize its recipients of the Louis N. Muro Memorial Scholarship: Nick Collins, Zack Collins, Dalton Morrow and Jessica Owen.

The awards were presented after the 10 a.m. Mass by Grand Knight Mike Wehby, Jr. and Deputy Grand Knight James Nelson.

Council 10567 has been giving the Louis N. Muro Memorial Scholarship for 23 years, recognizing academic achievement and service to church, and this year’s recipients may be the best class of honorees we’ve ever had. Nick, Zack, Dalton and Jessica set a great example for our youth and we congratulate them and wish them well as they continue their education. Jessica, by the way, is the granddaughter of Louis N. Muro, for whom this scholarship is named. She is the daughter of Sammy and Julie Owen. Nick and Zack are the sons of Bryant and Deidre Collins. Dalton is the son of Dennis and Sherry Morrow.

Our Family of the Year honorees, Gary and Pam Palmer, have been married for 18 years and between them have 10 children, 22 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. And their children and grandchildren are active in various activities at St. Patrick.

Gary is a cradle Catholic who was born in Clinton, Missouri. He was baptized at 9 days old and was active in his parish, assisting with the German Town Knights of Columbus Turkey Shoot and the annual barbecue dinner. He also participated in the Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive in Missouri for more than 40 years. Gary was active in his community, serving as a baseball coach at all age levels for many years. He joined our Knights of Columbus Council in 2016 and soon became a 4th Degree Knight.

Pam Palmer, as you all know, is the Mayor of Adamsville. She became a Catholic in 2007 and has been more than a blessing to St. Patrick. She is a member of the Finance Committee and has chaired Springfest for three years. She is a lector and Eucharistic Minister.

More importantly, Pam has been an RCIA sponsor for 9 of the 10 years she has been a Catholic. She has assisted in bringing 43 people into the Catholic Church while helping seven more lapsed Catholics come back home.

Where would we be without her?

In addition to their dedication to everything related to St. Patrick, Gary and Pam are strong supporters of the St. Vincent DePaul Society and the Jerome C. Bradley Memorial Dinner Dance. They are a great, wonderful example of a Catholic family making a difference in their church and community.

We are proud to honor Gary and Pam Palmer as this year’s Knights of Columbus Family of the Year.

Our Knight of the Year, William Boone, has lived in this community all of his life. He attended Adamsville Elementary and Minor High School and, at the age of 18, began a tenure at U. S. Steel that lasted 44 years. Times change and while at U.S. Steel William saw the company go from 25,000 employees to the 300 that were there when he retired. 

William has two daughters, Sonia Kilpatrick and Amanda Gentry and four grandchildren, Hannah, Cody, Olivia and Chase. He went through the RCIA program at St. Patrick in 2007 and became a Knight of Columbus on June 22, 2008.

For 10 years now, William has been a visible contributor to both St. Patrick and the Knights of Columbus. He has served the Knights as Deputy Grand Knight and Grand Knight and on July 1 will be the Faithful Navigator of our 4th Degree Assembly. Since the day he became a 4th Degree Knight, William has been a faithful participant at our Honor Guards.

William has played a key role in the Jerome C. Bradley Memorial Dinner Dance and serves on the Louis N. Muro Memorial Scholarship Committee. Whether it be Lenten Day of Service, Springfest, or cooking Boston butts, William is there.

More importantly, however, are the things that William does that people don’t see. His charity with both his time and talent provides all Knights with a role model and shows us how to be a Knight of Columbus.

It is with great pride that we honor William Boone, a true friend and a true servant, as our Knight of the Year.

Our deceased Brother Knight Lou Colombo was a servant and we established the Colombo Service Award more than 20 years ago to honor his legacy. This award recognizes a parishioner for his or her lifetime of service to church, community and diocese.

And we are proud to announce that this year's recipient is Fred Deason.

Fred is a native of Carbon Hill and his parents are buried there. But he spent most of his childhood as an Ensley boy and Fred still remembers his neighbor in Ensley, Mrs. Tombrello, and how she used to chase him out of her yard for messing with her prized garden. He graduated from Ensley High School in 1959 and was a sheet metal worker until he retired in 1999 after some 40 years.

What would Fred Deason be without Irene Deason? They were neighbors in Ensley and their daughters became friends and that led to Fred and Irene meeting. This November they will be married 40 years. Combined they have four children, David Deason, Elizabeth Prestwood, Robert Freeman and Kim Comer. They have 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Fred became a Catholic in 1962, taking instructions from Father McDevitt at St. Anthony. Irene became a Catholic as part of Father Ray Murrin’s last RCIA class at St. Patrick.

Fred was recruited to the Knights of Columbus by Phillip Troha and Phillip Slovensky and he fondly remembers J. C. Bradley coming to pick him up to take him to the Degree ceremonies at Our Lady of Sorrows.

At St. Patrick, Fred has been a servant, working behind the scenes to keep this campus up and running. We parishioners never know about the countless hours someone like Fred spends as part of maintaining this facility. As a member of the Knights of Columbus, Fred has served as an officer but more importantly, he has supported every endeavor undertaken by the Knights, especially the Jerome C. Bradley Memorial Dinner Dance. 

From day one, Fred Deason has been a visible presence at this Church and his service has never wavered.

For his example, for his love of our Church, for his friendship, and for his service to our parish and our Catholic community, we are proud to honor our wonderful friend Fred Deason with the Knights of Columbus Colombo Service Award.