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A Time for Prayer & Recollection (click for pictures)

 LtoR: Teresa, Diane, Danny and Joe
LtoR: Teresa, Diane, Danny and Joe
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On Saturday, March 11, 2017, the St. Patrick's Ladies Auxiliary hosted "A Time for Prayer & Recollection." We were honored to have our very own Danny Bradley and his beautiful family and coauthors of his book "Everyday Miracles" as our guest speakers.

The event began with a prayer led by Auxiliary President Ann Tulloss followed by a wonderful array of breakfast items provided by its members. Danny Bradley proudly introduced many attendees one-on-one to his siblings and family during this time. Patty Wehby and Daphne Davis, who were responsible for organizing this event, thanked everyone for attending and then introduced Danny and his family.

Danny Bradley began the session explaining that he is one of eight children born to Ann and John Bradley. He talked about what Godly parents they were and then shared special memories and stories of his siblings who have passed on: Chuck, Mickey, Cecilia and Jerome (JC). It wasn't until after the death of his older sister Cecilia, that he was compelled to collaborate with his family to reflect on their miracles from God and to "write it down." Over time these stories became the content of the book. Danny played a beautiful song that was recorded by the Bradley girls before their sister Cecilia passed away. It was an awesome way to recognize the gift of beautiful harmony given to them all by God.

Diane Trapolino, Teresa Bradley and Joe Bradley each shared their stories about how they recognized God in specific experiences during difficult times in their lives. The family interacted periodically with each other as each one shared their story from the podium.

A family friend, Frances Sanders, joined the family members as they interjected songs in beautiful harmony during the morning. 

At the end of the time of sharing, attendees were invited to ask questions of the presenters.

Danny and Carolyn Bradley provided copies of the book. Donations were accepted and will be used toward the "Raise the Roof" campaign. Danny autographed copies of the book at the end of the session. Make sure to check out the photos in this article (click View more Pictures under the main photo above) as well as additional scenes in the photo album on our section of the website.

A big thank you goes out to Patty and Daphne for their hard work in orchestrating this wonderful day, and to the Ladies who stepped up to provide wonderful refreshments. We especially thank the Bradley family for opening up their hearts to us. It was a beautiful day of sharing how God works in our lives every day if we are only open to stepping back and listening to Him.

NOTE: You may order a copy of the book online from Books-A-Million by clicking here.