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A Special Request - Preparing for Celebrating the Mass

 Spend time with the Lord before Mass
Spend time with the Lord before Mass

Please make your arrival to Mass during Lent a quiet and respectful entry. Many find that arriving early to sit quietly in the presence of the Lord to be an act of Lenten reflection. The noise and loud greetings in the Narthex are distracting to those who are praying. Quiet voices do not mean that you are not welcomed or noticed. All are welcome here!

Lent is a time to do things a little differently to become closer with God and look inward at ourselves. The Sanctuary environment changes to reflect basic, un-distracting decorations, the readings reflect turning back to God and making changes within our hearts. We have fellowship in Saint Joseph Hall following the weekend Masses and that is a great time to gather together and attend to the business we may have without sacrificing some quiet time before Mass.

Thank you for the effort to make this change in respect of the season