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Knights Run For Pro Life at Disney World Nets Over $1,000

 Brother Knights at Disney World
Brother Knights at Disney World
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On January 12th, 2008, Council 10567 Knights of Columbus Joseph Byrd, John Troha, and Brandon Yow completed the annual Disney World Half Marathon.

The three Brother Knights ran in honor of the late Benny Bakane, a longtime member of Council 10567 and Pro Life advocate who died in 2007. The three Knights proudly represented St. Patrick Catholic Church, Council 10567 and the Pro Life community by wearing race shirts that said "Pro-Life" on the front and "Jesus Loves You" on the back. The shirts also had a Knights of Columbus Council 10567 logo on the sleeve and the logo for Her Choice: Birmingham Women's Clinic on the back.   

"We got a great response with our shirts and a lot of support and compliments from fellow runners and spectators," said Joseph Byrd, who also serves as Council 10567 Community Director. "Many people would cheer us on shouting out their support for Pro Life. We were very proud to run for a cause so that thousands of people could see our shirts and our message. God gave us the strength to finish strong and complete the 13.1 mile run."

The shirts were sponsored by St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council 10567.  And in support of the run and for Pro Life, the Knights and the St. Patrick's Community raised more than $1,000 for Her Choice, the health clinic that helps women facing a crisis pregnancy to choose life. 

"We want say thank you to the Knights of Columbus for supporting us and providing us with our shirts," Byrd said. "Also, we would like to extend our gratitude to the people of Saint Patrick's for the support and the generous contributions to Her Choice. We feel very proud and blessed to have been able to run for such a wonderful cause. Let us continue to spread the Pro-Life message in our lives.  God bless and remember that Jesus loves you! "

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