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Knights Purchase Swings for St. Vincent's NICU

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St. Patrick Knights of Columbus 10567 recently purchased and delivered two baby swings to St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham to be used for substance-exposed babies in the NICU.

Grand Knight Gerald Kiker made the pesentation and nameplates noting the contribution by Council 10567 was placed on each swing. 

These swings will be used for substance-exposed babies who are very restless and these specially-equipped swings bring them comfort and allow them to sleep.

Substance-exposed babies when born are faced with many problems including the following:

  • Difficulties with tone and movement. Infants with these problems can have tight muscles and tremors and/or jitteriness. These problems can lead to difficulties in feeding, which can mean weight loss or failure to thrive.
  • Difficulties with state regulation. These infants have difficulty maintaining a quiet alert state, which is needed to interact with their caretakers, and to be able to feed and grow. They can have problems going smoothly from sleep to awake states, and often become irritable and cry.
  • Difficulties with reactivity to stimuli. Infants can have atypical responses to touch, sound, movement or visual stimulation and can become either over-stimulated and poorly reactive, or “pull down” to avoid the stimulation.
  • Problems with autonomic nervous system control. Infants can have gagging, vomiting/diarrhea, color changes, fever, fast breathing or hiccupping, indicating their inability to smoothly regulate their functioning.

 Please pray for these babies, that God will touch them all with his healing power.

Council 10567 Grand Knight Gerald Kiker and St. Vincent's NICU nurse Mary Smith
look over the baby swings donated by the Knights for substance-exposed infants.