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St. Michael League Meets Mystery Priest

 Fr. Michael Deering
Fr. Michael Deering
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On Monday evening, November 19, the boys and men of the League of St. Michael the Archangel met the "mystery priest"( a surprise guest): Fr. Michael Deering. Fr. Deering came to share his call to the priesthood from a life in corporate America. His journey involved wrestling with God's call over a period of thirty years and meant he had to leave behind the "American Dream"---a high paying job, a big house, a girlfriend and a fast car! Fr. Deering says that after five years of parish priesthood (he was ordained in 2002) he has "never regretted his decision for a single moment...it's a wonderful life." All present were inspired by the story of this holy priest. The adventure of the evening came when Fr. Bean entered the kitchen to fix dinner for the group! Thankfully there was no fire and the spaghetti was pretty good.