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Children's Liturgy of the Word Begins September 8th

 Enlightening the Spiritual Lives of our Children
Enlightening the Spiritual Lives of our Children

Children’s Liturgy of the Word begins on Sunday, September 8th and takes place during the 10:00 Mass. Children in pre-school through grade 2 (who have not received First Communion) are invited to attend the Liturgy of the Word in the Chapel with our Adult CL volunteers who are Youth Protection 1 Certified as required by the Diocese of Birmingham.

Children will be called forward before the readings to receive a blessing by Father Vernon Huguley then hear the Word read from the Children’s lectionary on their level of comprehnsion. CL is designed to help them with other practices of our Faith such as learning the sign of the cross, use of holy water, genuflection, respect of the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle, responding to the readings of scripture and making a profession of faith through the Nicene Creed. CL is NOTa break from the Mass or a restroom break. If your child will be attending CL, please make sure they understand that they are leaving the adult group to continue the Mass. We are unable to make restroom stops during the short CL session. Parents, please use the handout given to the child when you get home to discuss the daily readings and use the activities with your child to reinforce their learning opportunity during CL. If you have questions, please contact Janet Rubino, DRE through the church office or website.