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Columbian Squires Go Camping

 Welcome to the great outdoors!
Welcome to the great outdoors!
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On October 26th and 27th members of the Columbian Squire Circle 4481 went
camping at Oak Mountain State Park. Seven boys and four men made the trip.
We arrived Friday evening about the time it was getting dark. For many
this was their first camping experience. We set tents up in the dark, and
then the boys started on supper. Hobos were on the menu. You take a
handful or so of ground beef, add some potatoes and onions (we forgot the
carrots which were found in the cooler the next morning), wrap it up in
aluminum foil and set it in the fire for about an hour. There were no
hobos left and we had to break out some hotdogs to roast over the
campfire. Still not full, the boys broke out the marshmallows. We enjoyed
an evening of fun and fellowship around the campfire till about midnight
when we retired to our tents.
The next morning we started with breakfast (pancakes and omelets). We then
went on a 3 mile hike on some of the many trail systems at Oak Mountain.
We went back to the camp site for lunch (sandwiches and chips) and to
break down camp. After that we went fishing. Most everyone caught a fish;
some just didn’t make it onto the dock.
We left for home around 3:30. Everyone had a great time.