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10/3: Catholic Charities Update

200 give 200!

On Sunday, September 9, 2007, Fr. Bean announced our parish goal of $34,000 for this year’s Catholic Charities appeal. He commented, “We can make this goal. Yes, it is big, but God is bigger! His generosity is infinite. I want to challenge 200 families or individuals to pledge $200. This will raise $40,000 for Catholic Charities…well over our projected goal. I am leading this effort by making the first $200 pledge. I intend to pay my pledge off $20 a month over the next 10 months. God has blessed us and now we must bless others.”

As of Wednesday, October 10 our donations are as follows: 

Total donations: $31,830.00

Under our Diocesan Quota: $2,170.00

Under Fr. Bean's Suggested Quota: $8,170.00

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