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Donations Needed for Society of St. Vincent De Paul (click for details)

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Needs List 1-16-19 (click to Download)

SVDP Grocery List:


Low or Out:

___ Corn Meal

___ Canned Potatoes

___ Canned Carrots

___ SpaghettiSauce

___ Canned Mixed Veggies

___ Canned Greens

___ Chunky Soup

___ Canned Greens


NOTE: Grits and otasin 24 oz. and sugar, flour and cornmeal in 4 lb. bags makes bagging easier. Thank you.


The SVDP Food Pantry will always accept all Non-Perishable Food Items that are IN-DATE & Not-Damaged: Canned Green Beans, Corn, Misc. Peas & Beans, Fruit, Mixed Vegetables, Potatoes; Soups, Cereals, Saltine Crackers, Pasta Sauces, Grits, Oats, Cooking Oil, Snacks, etc.

We are also you to donate your unused manufacturer's coupons to us so that we may pass them on to clients who Shop-By-Coupon. A box is on the table in the St. Joseph Hall, Labeled “Coupons for SVDP. Thank you.

ON SALE! If you would like to see this week’s sales ad prices, please check out our Facebook group: Feeding the Hungry with SVdP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629214167341951/. We post weekly sales prices on the shelf stable items that we pack in the grocery bags to give to those in need. You may already be in the group, if you are not seeing the posts in your FB newsfeed, try hitting "Like" on several of the group posts, this lets FB filter programs know that you'd like to keep seeing posts from the group. As always, if you give money you'd like to go towards food purchases, please be sure to note "Food Pantry" on the memo line.

Thank you all for your continued generosity in helping us to feed the hungry in our community.

Updated 04-05-2019