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Worthy Sir Knight Fred Deason Elected Faithful Navigator for Assembly 2399

 Fred and Irene Deason
Fred and Irene Deason

Fred Deason, a longtime St, Patrick parishioner and member of Council 10567, has been elected to serve as Faithful Navigator for Bishop Joseph A. Durick 4th Degree Assembly.

Other officers elected include:

  • Mike Champ, Faithful Pilot
  • Dale Blanchard, Faithful Comptroller
  • Gaeton Conte, Faithful Scribe
  • Phillip Whatley, Faithful Purser
  • John Duchock, Faithful Inner Sentinel
  • Joseph Conte, Faithful Outer Sentinel
  • Wayne Wellborn, Faithful Admiral
  • Tom Richardson, Faithful Trustee 3rd Year
  • Phil Slovensky, Faithful Trustee 2nd Year
  • Mike Montabana, Faithful Trustee 1st Year
  • Father Gray Bean, Faithful Friar.

Fred Deason has been a Knights of Columbus leader since making his First Degree in August 2001. He and his wife Irene live in Pleasant Grove.

The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to uphold the Catholic faith. Through active membership in Fourth Degree Assemblies, Knights promote responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the United States of America. Third Degree members who have been a Knight for at least one year are eligible to join the Fourth Degree.