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Shawl Ministry Photos

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Needles Prayer

If you happen by St. Joseph Hall any Monday evening around 6:30 pm, you will find a dedicated and talented group of women coming together for a wonderful cause. Led by Mary Evans, this group is learning to use yarn, some hooks or needles, and a lot of tender loving care to generate beautiful creations of all kinds. From shawls to hats and everything in between, these items have become gifts of love to parishioners and even perfect strangers to help adorn and warm them, especially in their time of need. The group begins each session with their own Needles Prayer asking God to guide their hands and bless their efforts, and especially to bless "the wearer of this cloth with strength and comfort..." You can read the entire prayer (download Needles Prayer by clicking the link to the right).

Check out these photos of just some of the creations made and given in recent weeks. (Turn up your speakers...!)

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