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Food for the Poor - More Information (click to view video)

You may recall Father Glen Baptiste's energetic homily during the week-end Masses over the week-end of the 2/11-2/12. Father's time was limited during his homily and so he has provided us with more information about the work being done in so many poor countries south of the U.S., most specifically Haiti, Jamaica and Guatemala, through this 11 minute video. So many are still living in dire poverty in tent cities in Haiti after the massive earthquakes of over two years ago. Father distributed envelopes so you may use those if you wish to contribute or visit their website by clicking here.

Spent some time allowing this need to come to life by viewing the video below. Resize this window by dragging to enlarge it from the corner; then, click the small square in the lower right-hand corner to view the video in full-screen mode. And make sure to turn up your speakers......

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