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Something Different for Children's 2006 Christmas Eve Program

It seems early, but there's no time like the present to begin planning and organizing the special moments of Christmas Eve liturgy.  This year the children of the Parish are ALL invited to be part of the Nativity which has been a tradition of Saint Patrick for many years.  They have been shepherds and sheep and then they become taller and are angels and wisemen, and then.....then.....they feel they have outgrown the whole thing.  This year, we invite them to still be part of the moment as a voice in the December Choir.  PreSchool-age Children through Grade 3 may choose to be a costumed player or sing with this special Choir.  Grades 4 and up are invited to sing traditional carols as the birth of Jesus is celebrated on the first Christmas.  Parents are asked to check the Narthex for Sign Up Sheets so preparation may be made for rehearsals and costuming well in advance of the holiday.  Ask your children how they would like to bring their gift to the manger this year !!



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