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Prayer for the Gulf Oil Crisis

Good and Gracious God, Creator of the world, we turn to You today, we remember the gifts of your earth and the responsibility you have entrusted to us to be good stewards of your gifts. We know that You are present in us, Your power is present among us; Your Holy Spirit stirs, moves and gives us courage to remember that all good gifts come first from You. We praise You for this creation in the words of the Psalmist, sung by our ancestors in faith for generations: "God speaks: the heavens are made; God breathes: the stars shine. God bottles the waters of the sea and stores them in the deep. All earth, be astounded, and stand in awe of God."

We ask you today to give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those who are responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf. Help them to seek your Spirit and discern the right thing to do to alleviate and stop the flow of the oil that is spewing in the Gulf. Help them to consider the plight of the men, women and children whose lives are being affective, because of their lack of employment. God you are the source of all creation. Please, restore the Eco system of the Gulf. Rid the Gulf of the oil's deadly effects and bring back the fish and all the food of the sea. Protect our beaches from further damage and allow your forces of nature to reclaim its beauty. Help us as your people to respect and be mindful of your call to be good stewards of all that you give and bless us with.

In the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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