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Is this YOUR year to join the Choir or train as a Cantor?

The Choir will resume rehearsals in August on the 21st, 2006.  Every year someone says they wish they had known when the Choir started back so they could have planned to join.   Well,  NOW is the time !!  The Choir rehearses on Monday evenings from 6;30 - 7;30 p.m..  They lead music at liturgy once or twice each month and most Holy Days, as well as Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and Easter Vigil.   The St. Patrick Choir is one of the most dedicated ministries in the parish and the members commit to the weekly rehearsals and scheduled dates from the beginning of the season until its end. 

For some, this year-long commitment may not be possible.  If that may be the case for you, what about considering September through December?  Or maybe you could join us in January and share Lent, Easter and Pentecost? 

The Choir has a wonderful, new, rehearsal room and the only catch is.......you must be able to sing......in key.  We hope you will join us if you have been waiting for the invitation.   If you are interested in training to be a Cantor, please contact Janet Rubino.


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