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Aluminum Cans: Your Trash is our Treasure

 Our Efforts Can Really Add Up!
Our Efforts Can Really Add Up!

Many of you know that we maintain a parish drive to save aluminum cans.  For those who may not know, there is a large bin located at the back corner of the upper parking lot (opposite the area our Blessed Mother's shrine) for this purpose.  These cans are removed by our own Donnie Schober who crushes and stores them until the time is right for redeeming them.  Recently, a great "crop" of cans was turned in and the proceeds were given to our Faith Formation and SPIRIT youth programs.

You too can join in this effort.  Isolate a trash can, perhaps one with a flip or revolving lid.  Place a drawstring plastic bag inside and toss your aluminum cans in it.  Please do not crush your cans before discarding.  (This makes it difficult to use the can crusher to compress the aluminum for storage purposes.) When the bag is full, bring it to church and place the bag inside the large bin.  Encourage your family members and friends to save cans and let them know that you will pick them up periodically.

This is a great way to "live green" while supporting our youth of the parish.  We must all work to preserve our earth and our youth are the very future of our church.

Thanks to Donnie for all his efforts in working all these years to maintain this worthwhile project. He recently redeemed hundreds of pounds for hundreds of dollars going toward important programs in our church.