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St. Stanislaus Couples Celebrate 510 Years of Marriage

Fifteen couples celebrating a combined 510 years of marriage renewed their wedding vows at the 8 a.m. Mass at St. Stanislaus on Sunday, September 20.

Father Vernon Huguley conducted the service and Bishop Joseph A. Durick 4th Degree Assembly 2399 provided an Honor Guard for the couples. After Mass a reception was held complete with food and wedding cakes.

Couples renewing their vows were Carl and Joanna Adcock (5 years); Winston and Jan Goggins (7 years); Randy and Kelley Bradford (11 years); Floyd and Wendy Alfano, (15 years); John and Barrett Duchock, (28 years); James and Dean Barrett, (29 years); Wayne and Mildred Hollis, (32 years); Carl and Terri Adcock, (34 years); Eddie and Rosa Johnson, (40 years); Wayne and Margaret Wellborn, (46 years); Frank and Sara Ann Alfano, (50 years); Charlie and Baye Mareno, (50 years); Bob and Doris Johnson, (52 years); Cecil and Mary England, (55 years); and Bill and Bettye Hankins, (56 years). 





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